Fiber-Coupled Diode Lasers

Fiblas may provide fiber-coupled diode lasers from the stock. Please ask for availability.

Direct-Diode Lasers

Since the beam quality of the laser diodes are not that good, they are generally used for pumping fiber lasers so that their low quality output is converted to high quality output of the fiber laser. In this process, the optical efficiency is not more than 80% and the rest of the energy is wasted as heat. However, for some applications where the beam quality is not that important, the output of diode-lasers can directly be used for materials processing. Fiblas offers SDCM-series for these kind of applications which have higher wall-plug efficiency but lower beam quality compared to standard fiber lasers.

  • SDCM Series:

    - Highest wall-plug efficiency.
    - Low beam quality.
    - Suitable for plastic welding, metal hardening and brazing.

    Laser typeDirect-diode
    Central Wavelength915-980 nm
    Output power1000-2500 W
    Power tunability10-100 %
    Modulation Frequency20 kHz
    Output BeamMulti-mode
    Beam Parameter Product15, 22, 30 mm×mrad

YAG Lasers

For applications that requires high energy ultrafast pulses, fiber lasers are not suitable because of their long and thin structures where nonlinear nonlinear effects may easily start to emerge. Typically it is very hard to achieve ultrafast pulses with more than 30 µJ by using standard large mode area fibers. In order to achieve higher pulse energies Fiblas offers SYP and SYF series which uses a hybrit architecture with a fiber laser oscillator and a YAG based amplifier.

Mid-IR Lasers

Many medical, scientific and defense applications requires laser outputs at Mid-IR region. This can be achieved by using OPOs pumped by suitable fiber lasers. Fiblas offers SMF series for these kind of applications.